Why You Should Get Onboard With Coworking Spaces in Academics


Remote and hybrid work is on the rise, and along with this change comes the discussion of coworking spaces and the lack of privacy inherent in them. A coworking space is a shared area that is, by definition, neutral. People come together in this area to work on different projects, or teams meet in this space to collaborate on mutual work.

Unlike the typical office work area, coworking spaces don’t always involve those who work for the same company or institution. You get all the basic amenities you’ll find in traditional office environments, without the dictated schedule and hours. In a coworking space, users benefit from shared WiFi, printers, copiers, and other resources.

Why Coworking is Now the New Norm in Academics

Students and instructors, particularly those who aren’t on the full-time faculty schedule, are turning to coworking spaces to do their work. These areas allow a person to rent a desk, complete their assignments, and connect with their peers.

With a coworking space, students and instructors on a budget can still access high-speed WiFi and office equipment they may not be able to afford on their own. They have privacy while still enjoying the opportunity to interact with others, receive and give help, and enhance productivity.

In addition to the individual assistance, coworking spaces in academics also offer community programs and event coordinators the chance to host meetings that promote learning and skills that will aid large groups in the future.

How You Can Use Coworking Spaces to Your Advantage

As an instructor, your goal is to help your students achieve success. To do that, you must figure out what inspires and motivates them. Why not head to the shared coworking spaces where most of your students congregate, and work from there?

Professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and others all work in these public areas. Together, they share a platform where they put aside their differences and connect with similar ambitions, needs, and goals. Everyone has weaknesses and strengths, and in a shared space, knowledge, creativity, drive, and motivation are part of the wheel that keeps everyone going and productive.

You can join in by adding more of these characteristics. Your knowledge as an instructor can be vital, especially when students are struggling with their studies. Having you there can serve to drive and motivate those who would have otherwise given up, and you could eventually become a mentor to a few students who truly connect with you.

We all know that as teachers, we are observed, even when we don’t realize it. In a shared coworking space, how you interact with those in your groups can have far-reaching consequences. You could change lives without realizing you’re doing it, just as a good teacher does at any level. But the connection you make in a coworking space, while still on a professional level, is much deeper than you can get in a classroom full of students, in an environment that is anything but neutral.

On top of better networking advantages, you and your students can benefit from high-quality resources, like fast WiFi and state-of-the-art computers and printers. Your space may even boast 3-D printing devices and technology that is vital to your current or future research project.

Studies show that coworking spaces increase student performance, boost productivity, and enhance communication and collaboration. With instructors like you showing they care, it’s also possible for these spaces to foster mentorship. Members in coworking spaces access resources and facilities that make it possible for them to do more together than they could do on their own. These results will be visible in your classroom.

Your Next “Coworker” Could Be Waiting on Impactio 

Another venue of remote and hybrid workspaces is Impactio, the platform where scientific networking is the main goal. Members receive access to a variety of tools that they may not be able to receive elsewhere. Researchers and scientists benefit from things like academic impact analytics reports to prove their influence in their field.

Leading analytics tools give you the opportunity to review the worldwide impact of your research, boost your academic profile, and become more insightful about your work. Once you know where your analytics are taking you, that next step may be easier with your Impactio network. Your next collaborative team or funding source is waiting for you on Impactio.


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