Using Hashtags To Yield Wider Job Search Results


The workforce is changing faster than it ever has in the past, and if you’re in the career sector, you need to keep up. This is especially true in competitive industries like academics and research. How up-to-date and comfortable you are with technology can make or break your career opportunities.

That’s why learning something as simple as how to use hashtags during a job search can be beneficial. Hashtags are everywhere now as some people use them randomly to #lookcool, while others use them to collect data and drive future decisions through hashtag analytics. 

You, too, can take advantage of the collective hashtag society by including them in your job hunt keywords. You’ll get a wider result of potential positions, and you’ll show off your tech-savviness at the same time.

The Challenges Facing Job Hunters in Research

Research careers are vital to the growth of every industry. However, they’re also one of the first budgets to cut when there’s a financial lag. The focus is on the bottom line, whether the labor is high-quality or not. As long as the final box can be checked off as complete, who does the work doesn’t always matter. So, new researchers and those changing jobs throughout their careers may find themselves turned down in favor of an overseas freelancer who can do the “same job” at discount rates.

Another challenge is the “good ole boy” mentality. It’s a southern phrase that refers to the idea that someone who knows someone connected to the hiring managers is more likely to get the job than a person who is equally (or, sometimes, more) qualified. This practice happens more and more around the world, not just in the South, and it makes it difficult for early career researchers to get a leg in the door. They haven’t built their network yet, and they’re competing with people who have an established reputation and a wide community.

But the good news is that new graduates often have better technological skills, and they can use them to their advantage during the job search process.

How to Use Hashtags to Get Better Job Search Results

The idea of hashtags was intended to connect people searching for a particular topic to those who knew about it. So, while you’re looking for your next job, use those hashtags to focus your search in the direction you want to go.

Try these #jobtips for the easiest job hunt you’ve ever had:

●      Hashtag the name of the institution or company you’re considering applying for. You’ll quickly get an overview of the mission, atmosphere, and employees there, and it should give you a clear picture as to whether or not you’d enjoy the job.

●      Check your social media sites for #researchjobs, or, better yet, #yourfieldresearchopenings. LinkedIn, in particular, has a searchable job opening hashtag feature.

●      Create your own resume hashtags to promote your job search. Whenever you post a message that relates to your job experience, skills you have, or work you’re looking for, you can add a relevant hashtag. Some popular choices include #resume, #jobsearch, #seekingwork, and #researchjobs. These hashtags help potential employers find you.

●      Link any professional events you attend with a hashtag. This improves your networking potential. The event probably has a specific hashtag that is associated with it. When you make your post or add pictures, include the hashtag. Anyone at that event or monitoring it will see you’re there.

One vital point to keep in mind as you’re using hashtags on your job search: Make sure any potential employer or funder sees your professionalism. If they trace your hashtag back to your Facebook profile and see that you’re out partying frequently, or you’re always complaining about your job and coworkers, you may have used hashtags right, but they aren’t going to help you get the position.

How to Use Impactio to Improve Your Networking 

Whether you’re searching for a job or trying to improve your network, hashtags can help. Use them to narrow down people in your industry, experts on a topic, or to participate in conversations you’re interested in. The same kind of networking on an academic level is used in the Impactio platform.

Impactio connects experts in research to similar professionals around the world. When you’re ready to take your networking skills to the next level and expand your #scholarlyinfluence, let Impactio help you get the job done.


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