The Draw for Early Career Researchers to Join Scientific Societies


As with many career paths that rely on college degrees to enter into, the field of academics is one where people come and go on a somewhat predictable trajectory. The evolution of career researchers into a seasoned scholars and then, if they’re successful, tenured professionals followed by retirement is a coveted goal for most academic graduates. But getting one’s feet on the ground as an early career researcher (ECR) isn’t always easy because they’re often not taken seriously or pushed to the side in favor of a more experienced person instead.

This holds true in many scientific societies, where early career researchers may have a lot of the most pertinent, relevant knowledge but are discounted as amateurs by those in leadership positions. However, many of these societies are starting to recognize the need to have these new researchers on board in order to shape and mold their organizations into those that will fit in with the future of academics.

Why So Many ECRs are Entering Science

The general global definition of an early career researcher is someone who is approximately 30 to 40 years ago and has completed their Ph.D. within the previous ten years. The majority of ECRs work in fields that include:

●      Natural science

●      Medical and healthcare

●      Environmental science

●      Social science

●      Computer sciences

●      Arts and humanities

●      Business and engineering

Even though the workload is heavy, students are entering the field of research at unprecedented levels. They claim that they love the work and want to make an impact in the world. To have intellectually stimulating jobs every day is the common lure for many scholars, but to contribute in some way that helps make the world a better place is something that, more than ever, is tempting to people.

Leadership Positions in Scientific Societies

Once graduates enter the world of research, they are encouraged to join scientific societies that will help increase their knowledge and scholarly reputation. These societies give researchers the opportunity to network with others in their field, however, niched or general the society focuses on. They also give scholars the chance to make positive contributions outside of research itself by attending and speaking at meetings and conferences and participating in opportunities for professional development.

However, in many of these societies the leadership roles are filled with those who are seasoned and have been in the group for years. When an ECR is able to step into a leadership position, they receive advantages such as:

●      The ability to engage and help decide policies and interact with funding sources and government agencies

●      The chance to interact with others across multiple career stages and therefore continue to learn, even in their higher position

●      The opportunity to meet with other new ECRs and recruit them into their society, thereby bringing in the next generation of scholars who can continue to keep the group operating at the pulse of society

The most successful scientific groups know that the way to continue progressing is to blend the traditional with contemporary, keeping seasoned scholars and including early career researchers with innovative ideas. With this culture in mind, there is an increasing draw for newer graduates to join scientific societies and to enter into leadership positions in levels that have not existed previously.

Impactio Can Help Your Success at Any Career Stage

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Through Impactio’s software, you can create your academic papers, network through the global Impactio community to connect with others, and follow your work’s citation indicators. When it comes to professionalism and getting the job done well and quickly, Impactio has what you need at every stage of your career.


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